Tupperware Malaysia And Singapore

Tupperware Malaysia And Singapore

Over the years, Tupperware has won worldwide recognition in Different Countries. Not only recognition Tupperware won numerous Industrial Design Excellence Awards, Reddot Awards, IF Seal awards and Good Design Awards on an annual basis. Earlier, Tupperware produces only bowls and other few items only. But now it’s gone way beyond bowls to create food processors, kitchen gadgets, microwave cookers and so much more innovative products. All Tupperware products are made from safe and non-toxic materials. These products do not release any harmful chemicals into food or liquid contents. So you can use Tupperware products without any doubt. All Tupperware products are designed keeping the Consumers needs in mind, Every Product helps you in the kitchen to make cooking fast and easy. In some cases, parts may be lost or damaged in ways not covered by either our Limited Lifetime Warranty or Quality Guarantee. Making these parts available for purchase is a service Tupperware is pleased to offer its customers.

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Tupperware Malaysia And Singapore WORLD CLASS BRANDS

“Tupperware” a pioneer in innovative storage products. Now Tupperware has grown into a trusted and respected global Company. Established over 60 years ago, its presence has made a significant difference in the lives and homes of millions the world over. In 2005, Tupperware Corporation changed its name to Tupperware Brands Corporation to reflect its increasing product diversity, in-line with its corporate procedure to add premium consumable items to the product category mix.

Today, Tupperware Brands continues to break new grounds as a multi-brand, multi-category, direct sales conglomerate with an attractive and rewarding business opportunity. It strives to make a difference in the lives of women in the communities in which it operates, by offering them the opportunity to better their lives and create a positive impact on their families.

Tupperware Malaysia And Singapore Philosophy

Tupperware Brands believes in “Changing Lives, One At A Time”. “Tupperware Malaysia And Singapore” effectively carry out this effort through the years by enlightening, educating and empowering both our consumers and consultants. Tupperware Malaysia And Singapore want to provide better home solutions to make their lives easier in today’s hectic lifestyle. Not only this, In addition, to provide opportunities that enrich their lives to ultimately make it better for the sales force.

Tupperware Products Design In Malaysia And Singapore

All great designs are invented through the understanding of customers’ lives and how they interact in their homes. The key finding is annually filtered through worldwide global design centers in Orlando, Florida USA and Aalst in Belgium before Tupperware innovates with new ideas and applications.

From the new innovations come features like virtually air-tight and liquid-tight storage, non-drip pour, collapsible storage, microwave friendly vents and fast freezing. Patents and trademarks are results of these breakthrough designs in Tupperware products.

Tupperware products are durable and guaranteed against chipping, cracking or peeling under normal non-commercial use. Therefore, buying with confidence is assured as Tupperware can be used for a lifetime.

How To Join Tupperware Malaysia And Singapore

In Malaysia And Singapore Tupperware is a great business for women all over the world, particularly in Malaysia And Singapore. You can make money just by demonstrating quick, delicious recipes, and the Tupperware products that make it all so easy, at your Hosts’ homes. You can contact your nearest Tupperware Consultant to start if you don’t know anybody clicks below to find your nearest consultant. After joining you will get a Business KitYour Business Kit contains over $350 in Tupperware® products and business tools. It’s everything you need for a successful start. You can pay in full or start with a $39 down payment. Through the Confident Start Program, just for new Consultants, you can also qualify for us to pay off the balance of your kit. In addition, there is a 2 Easy Payment Plan only available when you register through a Tupperware Consultant. If you self-register at Tupperware.com, your credit card will be charged the full amount of the kit. With the 2 Easy Payment plan, applicable tax on the entire kit is paid at the time of the initial $39 payment. Prices shown here do not include applicable taxes.

Tupperware Malaysia And Singapore Catalogue

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